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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Train Trestle: The Viaduct

Word is out that the Elmira-Chemung Transportation Council is aiming to spruce up the railroad viaduct that bisects our little town. Plans are to transform the old "eyesore" into a Promenade. Sounds good to me, as long as they promise to restore or rehab the derelict train station along the way. Quite costly even in theory, to the tune of a couple of millions, the plan would install better lighting and resurface just about everything from top to bottom. Gone would be the white, gray, blues and green, and various shades of sand and sandstone would be used instead.

In fact things wouldn't be all that different than they are now, just newer and cleaner, a little more elegant. I like that, too. As a life-long fan of trains and railroads, anything that preserves and protects the viaduct appeals to me personally. Love to watch those trains passing through our little corner of the earth.

So, dear Hometown Tourist, start on West Gray Street, about a block east from the Community Bookstore. All our downtown tours start there. Stop in for a snack and chew the fat with authentic Elmirans. If Louis is there, give him my love.

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