Short tours of a small city, Elmira, U.S.A., deep in the heart of Upstate New York. Click on photo for detailed view.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Riverfront Park revisited

Took Ellie downtown to enjoy the sun. We lucked out entirely, with some two hours of pure sunlit heaven, just before the rains started again.

If you're interested in the complete tour of the Park go here.

Little Pond

Do you remember our blocky fountain from our Riverfront Park blog? I promised to learn its name. And here it is. The Park is a direct result of the 1972 flood caused by Tropical Storm Agnes. Posted by Picasa

Our Cascade must be running on Chemung River water. It's drier during the summer and quite full right now. Posted by Picasa

The Cascade on a misty morning. Posted by Picasa

The plaque refers to the greening of Downtown Elmira. Many feel the greening is what drove away the businesses that left after the Flood of 1972. Don't think so. A service economy replaced the retail district. Takes a while, but many people now live downtown. Posted by Picasa

Grape Tree in the Fall of 2005

Remember the Butterfly Tree? It changes quite regularly. I finally caught up with it, now a grape tree in celebration of our bountiful grape harvests up on the Finger Lakes. Posted by Picasa

Then there's the heading home part. Ellie's ready for a short visit to the Fishing Ramp. Quick, before the rain starts. Posted by Picasa