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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cappy's will stay!

Many of us were stunned to learn that Joe Caparulo--son of Cappy himself--is retiring for health reasons.  He sold the property and planned to sell the store.

The store is already sold:  to a woman who wants to run it like Papyrus in NYC.  It is a stationery and gift shop with several locations downstate and a significant online presence.

Best of luck to Ms. Amana Vlasic with her "new" endeavor.  We look forward to meeting with her.

For those who follow this link to our original Cappy's photoblogging,  you may also be interested to know that the viaduct walkway in the first photo is getting a facelift!  I had blogged about this earlier in Little Pond, but I think that the ongoing work makes a much better story.

Go see it all.

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